1OO%  cotton T-shirt is the most definitive staple in the industry. In use since the 17th century in America, cotton has superior comfort and durability compared to polyesters and rayon.

Cotton fiber wicks away moisture from the skin creating cooling effect and a soft feel unlike polyesters which accumulate moisture causing excessive sweat during the warm weather.

Our Polo-shirts are manufactured in Uganda from the best local grade AA white cotton through vertically integrated cotton mills, among the best in Africa, whereby ginned cotton is fed in and fashion comes out all under one roof.

All the processes and production are done under strict Quality Certifications for Textile and Apparel as per the industry standards.

Polo collar shirts are manufactured for comfort, style and professional look whether on duty or off duty.

Our Polo collared shirts are made of fabric weight of 180 gsm -190 gsm .

Colors are plain bright and stripes with sizes: S, M, L and XL.

We have customized stylish embroidery prints in a combination of patterns and colors.

Our timeless collection of 100% cotton Polos beautifully crafted and ultra-wearable is a must have for everyone.

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